Perfecting Paradise LLC has a rich history of serving the residential and professional cleaning needs of homes and businesses on O‘ahu. The company officially launched in February 2017 but has been operating as Eco-Logical Cleaning Services for the past 25 years.  We have several teams of cleaners who service all different parts of the island. We offer a wide variety of general and specialty cleaning services to meet your varied needs. The fleet of professionals at Perfecting Paradise is competent, hard working, and dedicated. All workers have at least several years of professional cleaning experience and possess the ability to communicate effectively. Perfecting Paradise LLC was built on the basis of what was seen as the growing mass commercialization of cleaning services, which often sacrificed the quality of residential or office cleaning for profits. The company was created to provide dependable and trustworthy cleaners whose goals are to insist on an excellent customer-centered experience. 

We rebranded Perfecting Paradise from our previous company to pay homage to the island paradise in which we live. We are fortunate to be surrounded by lush valleys, beautiful blue beaches, and canvassing mountain ranges. We wanted a name that would capture the unique geographical space we reside in and express how this island paradise can be “perfected” by a clean living space, which the company aims to provide. We also think, given all our island has to afford, it is important to recognize that you should enjoy paradise free from the unnecessary hassles of cleaning.